1: Product analysis

After the customer confirms the order, our designers analyze the product and make a DFM report to send to the customer for confirmation.

2: DFM report

DFM report includes:
1:  Product line.
2:  product issue.
3:  product mold construction.
4.  Product gate place 
5:  Product ejection and so on

3: Mold flow analysis report

The mold flow report includes:
1:  Fill time.
2:  Pressure at the V/P switchover.
3:  Injection pressure.
4.  Clamp Force
5: Weld lines.
6: Air Traps.
7: Time to freeze.
8: Volumetric shrinkage at ejection.
9: Deflection and so on.

4: mold drawing

After the approval, we draw 2D and 3D drawings according to the structure confirmed by the customer. After the customer confirms, we begin to order materials and process and send progress reports to the customer every week until the trial production of the product.

5: Weekly report

We report the progress of the project to the customer on a weekly basis and take pictures of the progress until the first test.

6: Trial the mold

After the processing is completed and the materials are ready, we are ready to test the mold. After the test, we will conduct a full-size inspection of the product. If the product meets the customer’s requirements, we will arrange to send the sample; if it does not meet the customer’s requirements, we will communicate with the customer until the customer’s requirements are met.

What Mary said about us

Due to the moderate price of OEMMOLD, I have purchased several projects here, and every time they can communicate well with our engineering department and complete the order on time and with high quality, so we will continue to cooperate with them in the future.